A Smart Switch for a Smarter Life

Improvements in IOT technology has brought about a new paradigm shift as a result of which, smart offices & homes are now a reality.

Introducing Smart Switches in Pakistan

Smart Switch boards by Mux Life represents the latest innovation in Smart Office and Home Automation systems, giving complete control of everyday devices such as room lights, fans etc. to the user.Our Smart Switchboard essentially helps you manage your life on your finger tips and takes it to a whole new level of convenience.

The Plug & Play Advantage

The Smart Switchboard, is a plug and play enabled device that is compatible with existing wiring and devices installed in anyone’s house. It replaces the conventional button switches installed in any office or house, integrates the device with a Wi-Fi communication chip, and connects immediately to the Mux live app. It give users complete control of their appliances on their smartphone devices, eliminating the need for complex wiring and manual operation.

What You Get?

The Smart Switch, with its sleek design, with ABS flame resistant glass panel, it assimilates into any wall design, and allows users to operate conventional fans, Lighting etc. through their cell phones. It also enables users to providing functionalities such as real time status updates, remote access, voice control, smart scheduling.

Key Features of The Smart Switchboard

  • Modern Design –  Smart touch interface with backlit buttons, with a clear transparent Abs flame resistant glass surface that adds a modern look to any office or home. .
  • Smart Scheduling – Define schedules for your appliances and devices.
  • Smart Automation and scene options – Create custom Automation routines, scenes and much more.
  • Remote Access – Operate appliances and devices from anywhere.
  • Manage your electrical usage – Monitor and manage electrical billing through real time device status and usage logs.
  • Notifications and updates – Stay connected to your home and office through real time notifications and status updates.
  • Voice Control – Control your smart devices through voice using Alexa or Google Home.

How to Order

Our representatives are available for any queries regarding our products. Feel free to contact us at info@mux.life.

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