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Mux Life, a project of Orange Fox Labs, a leading technology solutions provider and IOT development business, announced the launch of its Smart Phone app – Mux Life – for android mobile devices. This addition to Orange Fox Labs suite illustrates the company’s initiative in bringing the most advanced office and home automation systems in Pakistan.

The new app is a part of the company strategy to increase its customer base. The app is free and available for download to android users through the Google play store and serves as a complete solution for smart home and office, giving users the power of IOT on their smartphones. It provides a single interface for controlling all of their appliances and devices. Mux Life App is designed for optimizing energy usage and convenience, whereby users can simply connect Mux Life smart devices through the app and enjoy the various features such as Smart Automation, Scene Settings, and Usage Logs etc.

Unlimited Uses

  • New Mux Life App for IOT based smart home and office solutions by Orange Fox.
  • Smart Scheduling.
  • Operate appliances and devices from anywhere.
  • Manage your electrical usage.
  • Real Time device status and usage logs.
  • Notifications and updates.
  • Automation and scene control options.

Smart Living Is No More a Dream With Mux Life Now

Mux Life, is a complete automation system with a wide range of smart solutions to transform your existing devices and infrastructure, essentially turning all appliances smart. With the Mux Life App, users can take charge of their Life. All of Mux Life products are designed to enrich user’s daily experience through Smart Control, Machine learning and Smart Scheduling.

“Mux Life will alter the way consumers use everyday devices, imagine waking up and your coffee machine turns on automatically, or your curtains welcoming the sunrise for you on your desired time, or simply turning off the bathroom light through your phone or when you do not feel like leaving your cozy bed, this app can do all that for you.” said Syed Ali Naqi, founder and CEO of Orange Fox Labs. “Users can remotely use appliances and devices; set automation controls based on various factors such as time, room conditions, lighting etc.”

“We are really excited about bringing the IoT Revolution in Pakistan, the fact that we are the first ones to build and program our products domestically, opens up the possibility of export to overseas markets as well, the addition of our own new mobile app allows a seamless experience for consumers, reducing the hassle or understanding of complex networking settings.”

Offering Convenience and Comfort

  • Simple User Flow and interface – Simple and focused user interface for a streamlined control of smart devices.
  • Smart Scheduling– Define schedules for your appliances and devices.
  • Smart Automation and scene options – Create custom Automation routines, scenes and much more.
  • Remote Access– Operate appliances and devices from anywhere.
  • Manage your electrical usage– Monitor and manage electrical billing through real time device status and usage logs.
  • Notifications and updates– Stay connected to your home and office through real time notifications.
  • Voice Control – Control your smart devices through voice using Alexa or Google Home.

To learn more, please visit www.mux.life

About Orange Fox Labs

Orange Fox Labs is an independent IOT lab working to shape the world with technology, and is looking to bring the IOT Revolution in Pakistan; currently working on Smart Home and Office solutions; Smart Agriculture and Drip Irrigation Systems. Its position as an independent market analyst, and technology solutions provider enables it to directly reach out to key stakeholders and to be ideally placed for projects requiring product design, development, information-gathering research, detailed assessments and strategic recommendations.

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