Mux Life is a concept that gives you complete control of your life, be it home or your office, control devices through your Phone), without replacing your devices

Smart Dimmer

Automates the brightness level according to the requirement

Smart Socket

Automate and manage any electrical device through a smart socket

Motion Sensor

Energy efficient solution to turn on lights, only when needed

Smart Curtain

Open and close your curtains through a tap on your phone

Door Sensor

Use door and window sensors for efficient use of energy around you

Smart Remote

Control your AC, TV, and almost everything with a smart remote

Smart Blinds

Schedule your blinds to go up and down according to room darkness

Smart Privacy Screen

Turn any glass screen from transparent to opaque in less than a second

Smart Switch Board

Get rid of the need to manually switch your devices on and off

Energy Meter

Provides real time info on how much electricity is being used